Saturday, 10 September 2016

Small post: "The unknown serie"

Howdodiedodie cowboy,
What's up y'all?! It's me, again. I'm here with a small post about: "The unknown serie".
Ahem ahem, Nele, what do you mean?!
Well, I think we all know the Harry Potter serie. (if you don't, go get yourself the books/movies ASAP!!) But soooo many muggles don't know that there is an extra serie of books. Three small ones, but they are really nice, OMG!!!  
It's about the books that they use in the movies. So my point is, GET UP, AND BUY THESE THREE BOOKS!

FLTR: Quidditch throuhg the ages, Fantastic beasts and where to find them, The tales of beedle the Bard

Monday, 29 August 2016

Summer favorites

Hello peeps,
I'm back with an other "favorites post". Perhaps I should make a serie?! But last time we made a serie that didn't really work out. But maybe this should be one of my new (school) year resolutions?
Anywayyyyyyys, let just start with the post and you probs already figured it out that it's a few of my fave stuff for the summer. (I'm actually writing this while it is raining cats and dogs!!! holy damn, how ironic)

1)The great Gatsby -F. Scott Fitzgerald
The first time I saw this movie was when I was 11 years old (I think) together with my sister and mom. It was the old version, sadly enough without Leo :( :( :(  
We kinda watch it because the new one just released. And oooh man I LOVE THE NEW ONE  SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!
Not only the clothes of the roaring 20's are heaven, but also the music is just delightfull. But in this vacation I decided to be a a good student and read the book.And ooooh boy, what was that a good plan!!! The first page was a bit difficult but after that it was really lovely to read. Actually my all-time fave. (and over here you  see Nele fangirling)

2) Tennis skirt
This has been my favorite skirt since the Christmas holidays. (when I got it) But obvsiously I couldn't wear it because , it was like, like -47283636 degrees Celsius (very cold ladies and gents). But during summer I really loved to wear it!!!
Mine is from American Apperel ^_^

3) Pinterest (app)
Okay, please let's just take a minute to appreciate the app: Pinterest. OMG OMG OMG!!! I love this app soooo sooooo much, it's insanity. I use this almost every freaking day. (and over here you see Nele beeing obsessed) It is just so usefull, just dowload it and you will see why.

4)Mermaid tale
No, you aren't crazy. You read that well. A mermaid tale. MERMAID TALE!!! I got this from a weird/ quirky Chinese website with everything you can imagine. So when I came back too Belgium I tried it on and one word: P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N!!! It was love at first try (HAHAHAHAH, GET IT?! YES/NO??? urgh)

5) Kanye West
I think everybody who has a social media account knows: Kim Kardashian West.
Mother of Saint and North, ultimate reality star, athor of Selfish ( UHU, HER BOOK IS CALLED: SELFISH) but I'm not gonna talk about her. No, I'm gonna talk about her G husband: Kanye West (or he likes to call himself: Yeezus or God)
I really admire him, he has this idgaf additude and his music is genius. He also has a fashion line. (YEEZUS ALL THE WAY!)

wishlist: album: "Life of Pablo"
             sweater: "I feel like Pablo" red

and over here you got a list of my favorite songs of him, so put on your headphones and soak up these tunes while lying in the sun 
•All of the lights ft. Rihanna
•Father stretch my hands pt.1

If you follow me on instagram, you probally figured that I love my dungarees. It's just such a basic item.You can wear it with a tee or top or hoodie or sweatshirt or bikini or blouse or anything you think of. The options are endlesssssss (<-- that's why I'm not gonna put a period at the end of this sentence #yolo #badass)
Mine is from Bershka ^_^

That's it, I really hope you liked it!!!
I'm oudie, greetz

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Summer, my sweet sweet baby!!!

Hello guys,

I can hardly believe that summer vacation is almost over. (how the hell did this happen!?)
It feels like I have done nothing interesting so far.  Which is true but also not true.
  (how the hell does this makes sense, it doesn't I guess)
This is the list of interesting stuff I/we did. Not very long, trust me on this one.

1)Party @ Merits farm!!!
After finals I went to the birthday party of my dear friend, Merit. She was also our model in  a 2014 blogpost when we just met.
Now we are really good friends and together with Julie and Odile we went to her farm.
(Indeed, a farm. F-A-R-M!!! It had cows, cows and cow poop, so that was fun.)
We played messy twister, swam in her pool, took a lot of pictures, did a slip and slide, had a hike, made pearl chokers and had a BBQ at the end.

 trying to be tumblr girls

2) We went to China!!!
This was actually not really exciting because the weather was awfull. It was rainig 24/7.
But we had a couple of fun days too. ( read; days that we didn't watch Scorpion, Devious Maids or Game of thrones). But China still blows my mind with it's natural beauty. Here some examples of what we did: we went climbing, went to Xi'an, had a lot of BBQs with our family, went on hikes, went visiting our family, did a lot of shopping...


3)Swimming in the river                                                                                                                          
Because my sister had to study, I kinda went doing stuff with friends. So I went to Deinze where they have a river. My friend and I had so much fun swimming! But it was super duper cold. And it was raining as well. And also kinda storming.  

4)Hanging with Nina and Julie

With Nina, I spend a day in the city. We went shopping and had a lunch @ Wasbar. (We ate bagels!!!)

I also went to Julie's house, where we had a nice refreshing swim and we also did a sleepover. 


5) 2nd rendez-vous with Merit
(Our first rendez-vous was a quick brunch.)
I think this was one of the most awsome days in this vacation. (in Belgium)
We kinda did a lot of random stuff. We cleaned my room, rode bikes, took a lot of fun pictures, had ice cream... It was just a really nice day! I mean Merit is the most random/awesome girl in town.
 And guys, look at our outfits! We did not plan this match!!! 

I was wearing:
Top: Zara 
Short: secondhand Levis
watch: Casio
Shoes: Nike Cortez

Merit was wearing:
Top: American Apparel
Short: American Apparel
watch: faux Casio from H&M
Shoes: Nike Cortez

So that were the vacation highlights, I hope you
enjoyed this blogpost!!!

Kisses, Nele

Saturday, 21 May 2016

After almost a year

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
Soooo i'm not sure how to start this post. It's been ages. I don't really have an excuse and
 i think i just forgot that i got a blog(?) if that even makes sense. But we have a new post!
 Yey, and this post is going to be about pictures that inspire me and that i am totaly in love with. Let's call it an inspo post. Enjoy! ps: all the pics are from Pinterest <- click that  link ;)

Queen Bee

New girl crush.

future husband?



kiss kiss, Nele

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Trends summer 2015

Since the summer is getting really close and my exams are finally over (thank godddd). So I decided to make a quick post about the trends and stuff.
PS: quick apology - I haven't posted in quite a while, sorry about that but I guess I just was out of inspiration and a bit lazy, yea...
                              - I also had to study for my finals, but school is over and my grades are great :).

I loooooove this trend, like I really really really love this trend. It's not a secret: I adore the nineties & halter tops just shout Spice Girls... 

Brandy Melville

Paco Rabanne
with the lovely Belgian Ine Neefs being herself aka perfect

It's all about the basics and the sportier, the better, right? The most important colours that go with trend are: red, blue, yellow & white.
Afbeelding 1 van T-SHIRT MET PRINT van Zara

I feel like anyone who is someone in fashion has these glasses, obvious I don't have them... I mean they're Dior and well, expensive. But they look realy cool, elegant...

Oliva Palermo

Enjoy the holidays doll!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Totally Moschino

This outfitpost is inspired by the last year's Moschino show. That show was filled with pink, glitter and blonde hair or basically: Barbie. 

So when I saw this sweatshirt in Forever 21, I had to buy it. I just fell in love with it, I guess. The other things that I had been searching for ages are the jelly shoes and the see through raincoat. My obsession started with a Mercedes-Benz ad starring the wonderful Georgia May wearing the perfect raincoat.

don't you love my nails?


Friday, 17 April 2015

Ugh! As if!

I'm obsessed with the nineties, like really really obsessed. I was born in 1999 (yup the very last year that started with 19 - lucky me), and still dress and behave like we're the twentieth century. I absolutely adooooore Clueless and old Kate Moss pictures, those are the main reason of my sick obssesion.