Friday, 31 October 2014


Happy halloween! Not that we celebrate it, we just like to dress up :).
So we wanted to do something scary/fashionable. But the black swan outfit was not something I would wear in public and the other outfit wasn't scary enough. I'm pretty sure we didn't make your hair stand on end. Oh well, nevermind. Like I said; the only thing I like about halloween is dressing up!

Happy halloween! ;-)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lonely Queens

So we've been terrible bloggers again, and I can't even blame school&homework&stuff, because I'm not that busy.
 Anyway, in this post we used a couple second hand pieces. I love thrifting because you can find 'treasures' between all the uncool stuff. I also like to cut in my mum's old clothes, for exemple the pied-de-poule crop top. The top used to be a dress, with my grandma's sewing skills and a little bit fantasy, my grandma and I created a skirt and a top!

Nele| second hand: coat, purse| Shoes: All Star| Short: Hema| Top: New Look| Necklace: I am|
Lien| second hand: top, purse| Shoes: Nike| Skirt&Choker: Berschka| Jewels&Cap: souvenirs from travels

Mad Cats