Friday, 27 February 2015

Chilly Jeanses

Hey sunshine!
So sorry (again) for not posting regurlarly, but i was kinda very busy. Last week i went snowboarding in Austria and it was Nele's (my lil sis) birthday. So i guess this is an acceptable excuse.
Though i don't have a valid excuse for the other two weeks... Anyway, these are a couple of pieces of what we bought last month.  Oh i finally found a pair a mom jeans, yaaaay!

Outfit #1: Nele 
new from the sale period: straight jeans, blue loafers & basic turtleneck t-shirt

Outfit #2: Lien
new from last sale period: su├Ęde cowboy jack, mom jeans & black boots.

Also a huge thanks to Suzie for nominating us for a Liebster Award! You should definitely visit her blog! 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Inspo & Music

Enkele inspo foto's en onze playlist van de week! Hope you'll like it.

Music Inspo