Monday, 23 March 2015

1 Year + Prismatic Worldtour

Hello babes!
This blog is one year old, congratulations to us, yaaaaaaay! We didn't do anything special that day, but we did go to the Katy Perry concert that week (yes the one that we have been stressing out about for ageeeees).
And oh my holy god... It was perfect and we had so much fun! We were basically standing first row and (sorry for shouting so loudly) I TOUCHED HER DRESS! I'm also pretty sure that she laughed at me, and wow now I realise that I sound like a desperate fan. Oh I haven't told you yet that Charli XCX was there as well, that night was definitely the best ever! We've have made some really cool pics, make sure you check them out.



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  1. Wat cool dat je naar haar concert bent gegaan! Ik wil ooit ook eens gaan haha! :) X Minale