Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Summer, my sweet sweet baby!!!

Hello guys,

I can hardly believe that summer vacation is almost over. (how the hell did this happen!?)
It feels like I have done nothing interesting so far.  Which is true but also not true.
  (how the hell does this makes sense, it doesn't I guess)
This is the list of interesting stuff I/we did. Not very long, trust me on this one.

1)Party @ Merits farm!!!
After finals I went to the birthday party of my dear friend, Merit. She was also our model in  a 2014 blogpost when we just met.
Now we are really good friends and together with Julie and Odile we went to her farm.
(Indeed, a farm. F-A-R-M!!! It had cows, cows and cow poop, so that was fun.)
We played messy twister, swam in her pool, took a lot of pictures, did a slip and slide, had a hike, made pearl chokers and had a BBQ at the end.

 trying to be tumblr girls

2) We went to China!!!
This was actually not really exciting because the weather was awfull. It was rainig 24/7.
But we had a couple of fun days too. ( read; days that we didn't watch Scorpion, Devious Maids or Game of thrones). But China still blows my mind with it's natural beauty. Here some examples of what we did: we went climbing, went to Xi'an, had a lot of BBQs with our family, went on hikes, went visiting our family, did a lot of shopping...


3)Swimming in the river                                                                                                                          
Because my sister had to study, I kinda went doing stuff with friends. So I went to Deinze where they have a river. My friend and I had so much fun swimming! But it was super duper cold. And it was raining as well. And also kinda storming.  

4)Hanging with Nina and Julie

With Nina, I spend a day in the city. We went shopping and had a lunch @ Wasbar. (We ate bagels!!!)

I also went to Julie's house, where we had a nice refreshing swim and we also did a sleepover. 


5) 2nd rendez-vous with Merit
(Our first rendez-vous was a quick brunch.)
I think this was one of the most awsome days in this vacation. (in Belgium)
We kinda did a lot of random stuff. We cleaned my room, rode bikes, took a lot of fun pictures, had ice cream... It was just a really nice day! I mean Merit is the most random/awesome girl in town.
 And guys, look at our outfits! We did not plan this match!!! 

I was wearing:
Top: Zara 
Short: secondhand Levis
watch: Casio
Shoes: Nike Cortez

Merit was wearing:
Top: American Apparel
Short: American Apparel
watch: faux Casio from H&M
Shoes: Nike Cortez

So that were the vacation highlights, I hope you
enjoyed this blogpost!!!

Kisses, Nele

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